Account management is for superheroes!

Account management is for superheroes!

Account managers consciously build and actively manage long-term relationships with strategically important customers, in order to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty and increase company profits. This complex process requires supporting systems as well as multidisciplinary organization and cooperation. While doing so, they increasingly seem to operate in a minefield of conflicting internal and external interests, assignments and objectives. Let’s clarify.

Minefield of conflicting interests
Account managers must sell as much as possible in the short term and build long-term relationships. They have to be entrepreneurial while being micromanaged in their daily activities. They must use centrally produced materials, projects and pre-approved emails and co-create with their customers. They need to understand and play with hard-to-reach DMUs and be a smoothly functioning, omni-channel communication machine. They need to know everything about their customers but cannot register crucial details. They must execute the national marketing strategy and deliver tailored services locally. They must push the boundaries in a zero-tolerance compliance environment. They must be at their customers’ beck and call outsmarting competitors and deal with time- and energy-consuming approval processes in advance. They must create pioneering plans including impactful touch points and keep track of important new literature.

In the end there’s only one conclusion: account management is for superheroes!

To unleash your inner superhero, ValueProof introduces the Superhero Account Management Bootcamp. This heroic training enables account managers and their multidisciplinary teams to operate effectively and innovatively in today’s market

What to expect?

  • Sharp alignment of internal and customer goals
  • Prioritization and process segmentation of one-on-one (customized),
  • one-to-few (semi customized) and one-to-many (national campaign) activities
  • Crystal clear action-item planning and foolproof progress control without suffocating micromanagement
  • Full integration with Veeva, Salesforce or any other CRM system
  • Optimal balance between control and entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable job satisfaction on the long term
  • Distinctive competitive advantage

Author: Frank van Dongen
Associate Consultant
ValueProof – The BlocPartners Netherlands