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Here’s a look at some homegrown solutions

You don’t just need adaptation services. You need a partner who thinks, speaks, and breathes like a local. Our world-class talent brings regional and global strategies down to the ground level with regulatory insight and creative sensibility that can only come from having lived and worked there.


The future of the healthcare industry belongs to those who take action today. At a meeting in Switzerland, The BlocPartners brought together experts from the healthcare, pharma, and advertising industries to discuss a path forward. Find key insights from the summit by downloading the synopsis below.



MSD Vaccines

MSD has a long history of discovering and producing vaccines. But in most European countries, many HCPs did not know MSD as a vaccines manufacturer. The BlocPartners was charged with helping change perception and establish MSD as a vaccine leader in those key markets.
A cross-regional core team was created to provide the Swiss BlocPartners lead with key insights on local competition, vaccination beliefs, and recommendations on the most valuable communication channels for unbranded digital content. By partnering with the Manila BlocSky office, the Swiss team lead developed cost-efficient deliverables on launch timelines. The result? We successfully delivered 102 assets and modular content within a 10-month journey, with regular guidance and advice to the affiliates on usage, adaptation, and digital dissemination for an enhanced customer experience and engagement throughout the region.



Cresemba is an antifungal to treat life-threatening infections in immunocompromised populations. The BlocPartners took on the challenge of Basilea’s first significant commercial launch in Europe, and with no marketing presence in priority markets among a concentrated and specialized audience (eg, infectious disease specialists, hematologists and intensive care specialists).
In addition to developing strategy and core materials, we established a nimble but tight-knit core virtual global team with members from our BlocPartners in the 4 launch markets who would provide local insights and regulatory guidance to ensure all global materials in development would be relevant and approvable. The result—a strategic and consistent launch across all 4 original markets that showed continuous growth each month.

sanitation first

shitty gifts

Half of the world’s population does not have access to safe sanitation. That’s why The BlocPartners decided to support Sanitation First—a charity that builds EcoSan toilets for communities in need.
Because access to a toilet is a human right, not a gift, we created, a website that invites people to send friends and loved ones an e-card with a funny illustration and message, and make a small donation to Sanitation First. The e-cards were designed by artists from 10 different countries, including renowned artists represented by Levine/Leavitt. Today, teams across three continents are working together on making a greater splash with the shitty gifts that save lives.