BOBI 2022 – Best Business Impact Award


BOBI 2022 - Best Business Impact award

Redline Strategic, part of Frontera Group, is the BlocPartner in the UK.

Redline Strategic is beyond excited to announce that we have been awarded the BOBI award in Business Impact for our work with AstraZeneca. The BOBI awards recognise excellence across the healthcare business intelligence spectrum.

As a healthcare consultancy, we are led by behavioural science and capturing the patient voice to design strategies that truly change behaviour. On this project, we worked with AstraZeneca to support the launch of a new oncology treatment that keeps the disease at bay whilst reducing hospital visits and other demands.

We devised an innovative approach that combines data science with behavioural science, allowing us to define segments of HCPs based on their drivers of behaviour: what drives prescribing decisions today, what stands in the way of prescribing a new treatment, and what is needed to ensure a successful launch. We translated our findings into a simple and easy-to-use profiling tool for sales teams and other digital marketing needs.

The segmentation has become completely embedded within the marketing and sales teams. It has transformed their internal culture and how they engage with customers and with each other, proving critical to their business. Now, their team not only understands how to communicate with HCPs about the product’s many benefits to patients living with cancer, but they also feel a part of creating a positive impact for patients by helping them improve their quality of life.

BOBI (Best Of Business Intelligence) Awards
The BOBI Awards recognise excellence across the healthcare business intelligence spectrum.