What a positive visual!
And only used like a million times.

What a positive visual!

Fifteen. We have counted fifteen different brands using a patient standing at the top of a mountain with his/her arms in the air.
Why is the same type of imagery used in creative campaigns across multiple diseases?
Because we lack the courage to take the path towards “effective” communications. I personally prefer campaigns that provoke, sometimes disturb with brutal honesty, make you think, make you aware and maybe feel a bit uncomfortable or even hopeful. Unfortunately, the gap between compliance and the indispensable need for “creative impact” is still widening.

Creativity in pharma communications is not about showing happy faces, but about the effect your messages and visuals will have on the brain of the HCP, patient and other stakeholders.
Of course, in many countries it is even prohibited to communicate directly with the general public regarding prescription drugs. This makes our role as creative experts, when working with brand managers, even more essential.

At the BlocPartners Switzerland, we will take you to “the edge”, where compliance still exists but the effectiveness of a campaign comes back to life. We plan on taking you out of your comfort zone in the creative decision-making process and replace security with impactful creativity, backed by science. With our Neuromarketing service offering and our knowledge in behavioral science, my team and I will create “Campaigns” that are creative, tested and effective, rather than just making the compliance manager feel “Safe”.

Join me on this exciting journey.

Remi De Carmantrand, Art Director BlocPartners Basel