Real world results need real world data

Real world results need real world data

Is your pharma marketing team ready to leverage real-world evidence in successful omnichannel strategies?

That’s a question not many marketers can answer positively.

In truth, marketers are often left out from real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) generation and only work with it once the evidence is generated.

Let’s start with the basics: real-world data are defined by the FDA as “data relating to patient health status and/or the delivery of health care routinely collected from a variety of sources.” Thus, any data taken from electronic health and medical records, product and disease registries or patient-generated data is considered “real-world data”.

Once you get this data, it must be cleaned and analysed to generate real-life clinical value. That’s real-world evidence.

According to a recent survey conducted by Deloitte on leaders from 17 pharmaceutical companies, most C-level management sees the value of real-world evidence. However, that value is mainly perceived for regulatory submissions and label extensions, as demonstrated by the FDA approval of Pfizer’s drug Ibrance to treat male breast cancer, based on real-world evidence. In contrast, using real-world evidence for marketing metrics is not essential for C-Level management.

And that’s a shame because real-world evidence could boost every step of your omnichannel journey, from your brand strategy to the metrics of your marketing campaigns.

In the graph below, you will see a non-exhaustive selection of where RWE can enrich your omnichannel strategy.

real world evidence in omni-channel strategies

For instance, you may be planning to launch a new pharmaceutical product in Switzerland in Q3 2022. A disease registry could provide you with crucial insights on the patient journey, the real-life treatment algorithm and health care personnel (HCP) segmentation… provided that you planned that disease registry (or partnered with an RWD provider) early enough in your brand planning.

Real-world data will also strengthen your customer omnichannel engagement plan by mapping the most probable next decision/step of HCPs, allowing you to tailor messages through the appropriate channels at the right time.

Once your product is launched, real-world evidence will ensure a broad and fast brand adoption by providing early metrics and comparative drug effectiveness.

To conclude, real-world evidence is a fundamental source of insights for your omnichannel journey. Marketers must now understand its value, collect such evidence, and leverage it in their marketing plans, as it fills crucial data gaps.

We are conducting omnichannel plans for several pharmaceutical clients that embed the development of real-world data platforms and the integration of real-world evidence.

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