Patient support programs: what do patients really think?

Patient support programs (PSPs) can be a useful tool to support patients to better manage their condition. However, most patients don’t use PSPs when they’re available1. We surveyed 100 patients with chronic diseases to identify where exactly patients find value in PSPs and how best this may be delivered to them.

Of the 100 patients surveyed:

Diagram - Of the 100 patients surveyed

PSPs should be more closely aligned to patient goals

The way PSPs benefits are communicated should reflect what appeals to patients to encourage greater engagement and longer-term use, which would lead to improved outcomes. When comparing reported ideal outcomes of PSPs versus what was experienced in reality, we found that symptom reduction is an important goal potentially not being met by PSPs. Conversely, patients reported a greater support network but this was noted as the least important goal.

Diagram - Sorted by most ideal goals

Patients want PSPs that are:

Diagram - Patients want PSPs that are:

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1NHS Confederation, 2018