How to cope with the increasing number of stimuli in healthcare industry: Right channel, right way, right time, right tone

complex structure

The increasing number of stimuli and the intertwined and complex structure of the channels created a new competitive field for the agencies in terms of the service they offer to their customers.

The diversity of messages that target audiences are exposed to and the increasing number of message channels in the healthcare industry make life challenging both for health communication agencies and for brands. In order to have an impact on the target audience with a creative and different message and to be remembered, it is necessary to approach the target audience through the right channel, in the right way, at the right time and in the right tone. The only way to find these rights’ out is to recognise the brand very well, to understand the needs of the customers correctly and to choose the most appropriate method and medium. For this reason, agencies need to consider how they can make a difference in new communication areas, as well as move their cooperation with their brands closer. In this complex and rapidly changing process, brands expect the right insight and direction, the right positioning and fast solutions from the agencies. Being aware of this, we are trying to internalize the strategies and targets of the brands more than ever in order to produce the most accurate solutions and guide our brands as their companions.

However, in order to adapt to each new communication model and medium; from customer management skills to creative perspective, from the ability to think and act digitally to alternative production techniques; we continue to strengthen every muscle within the agency.

We are in touch with professionals for each and every medium we are using, we invest in developing our talents, our recruitment strategies, our internal work processes. And most importantly, we are increasing the sharing of knowledge in both our global and local team to leverage our skills in an efficient way.

Gaye Köseoğlu,
Agency President, gHealthcare/TBP Turkey